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Optional Fees 2013-2014


Computer Printing Fee:  $5 per 100 pages

Optional payment of this fee entitles students to use the printers associated with the Academic Computing Network (printers connected to FRC computers). The college will contribute 50 pages when a student account is opened; additional pages may be purchased throughout the semester in increments of 100 pages.  The computing fee is non refundable.


Credit by Exam: $20 per unit

Students who are currently enrolled in at least one course and who have completed 12 units at FRC with a 2.0 GPA in all college units attempted are eligible to seek “credit by examination” in a maximum of two courses.  Students will be assessed a per unit fee for credits earned by exam at the time of registration.


Fax: Sending – 50 cents/page

           Receiving – 50 cents/page


Library Fines: 25 cents per day per book; maximum of replacement cost of the item


Library Reserve Material Fine: $2.00 per day or replacement cost of the item after five days


Inter-Library Loan Fines: 50 cents per day per book


Photocopies: Single-sided – 10 cents/page

Double-sided – 15 cents/page

Color - $1/page                      


Returned Checks: $20 processing fee


Refund Processing Fee:  $10 to be retained from enrollment fee


Replacement of Diploma or Certificate: $10 each


Transcripts Processing Fee:  First two are free; $5 each thereafter

$10 for Rush Service (24 hour turnaround and sent via U.S. Postal Service)

$10 for Fax Service