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High School Students

Plumas County High School students are eligible to be co-enrolled at Feather River College.   Enrollment fees will be waived with the exception of health fees and transit fees.Students enrolling for 12 or more units pay full enrollment fees.

Feather River College cannot provide remedial courses to high school students who have not passed the High School Proficiency Examination and are under the age of 18. This co-enrollment program is designed for students prepared to go beyond high school level coursework.


The following is required for all high school students enrolling at Feather River College (follow the links for further details)


Complete the High School Co-Enrollment Student Permit form and obtain the required signatures outlined on the form. 


Complete the Application for Admissions Online 

Once you have completed the application, you will be assigned a 9 digit “Student Identification Number” that you will need to log in to your Student Portal. Click here for detailed instructions for completing the Application for Admissions online.


Take an Assessment Test

Assessment testing is required for all academic classes and must be taken prior to academic advising.  Assessment tests indicate basic skill levels in reading, writing and math and assist in determining appropriate placement into classes.  We advise you to come rested and fully prepared to concentrate on these tests.  The tests take about two hours to complete and require no preparation; results are available almost immediately.   Results do not affect eligibility for admission.  Special testing accommodations are available for students with disabilities and limited English skills by advance ap­pointment.  For non-academic courses such as P.E., Theatre, etc, assessment may be waived.


Contact the Assessment Center at 530-283-0202, ext. 313 or 215 to arrange for an assessment test.


Meet with an Academic Advisor:

Before enrolling in classes you must meet with an academic advisor to identify educational and career goals and to develop a schedule of classes and a long-range, individualized Student Education Plan (SEP) to ensure that you stay on track to meet degree, certificate or transfer requirements.  Assessment scores and high school transcripts are used to help in this process.


Contact the Counseling Center at 530-283-0202, ext. 313 or 215 to make an appointment.


Come to the Admissions & Records Office to:


  • Submit the High School Co-Enrollment Student Permit form,
  • Enroll in Classes, and
  • Pay Appropriate Fees.


Due to higher education rules concerning confidentiality of college students, registration for courses is to be conducted personally by the student not by a proxy.


The Student Identification Number allows access to your Student Portal (My FRC) on the FRC Website.  From the Portal you may view schedules, account statements, and final grades.  Click here for detailed instructions to log on to your Student Portal and access your student records


All students are eligible for two free official transcripts and subsequent transcripts are $5.00 each.  Transcripts may be requested online or in the Admissions & Records Office.