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Continuing Feather River College Students

Continuting students planning to:

  • Take 6 units or more, and/or
  • Pursue a degree or certificate, and/or
  • Take an English or Math course

Must complete all steps outlined below.


Continuing students planning to:

  • Take less than 6 units

Must complete step #2.

If you are taking an English or math course, or a course with a prerequisite you must complete all steps outlined below.


1)  Meet with an Academic Advisor:

Before enrolling in classes you must meet with an academic advisor to evaluate your educational and career goals and to develop a schedule of classes according to your long-range, individualized Student Education Plan (SEP).  Once you have completed 15 units of college credit you are required to have an SEP on file, which should be updated every semester.


Contact the Counseling Center at 530-283-0202, ext. 313 or 215 to make an appointment.


2) Enroll in Classes Online/Access Student Records:

You must have your 9 digit “Student Identification Number” to log on to your Student Portal (My FRC) to enroll in classes.  If you do not have your ID number, contact Admissions and Records at 530-282-0202, ext.600, or stop by the office for assistant.  Click here for detailed instructions to log on to your Student Portal, add or drop classes, and access your student records.


All students are eligible for two free official transcripts and subsequent transcripts are $5.00 each.  Transcripts may be requested online or in the Admissions & Records Office.